The group of researchers of Theory of the Development of Chemical Processes of the Department of Chemistry of Sapienza University of Rome is involved in the development of innovative hydrometallurgical processes for the treatment of technological wastes: batteries and WEEE.

As for battery treatment, the group performed R&D activities concerning the treatment of alkaline batteries, Li-ion and Li primary batteries.
The activities regarding alkaline batteries performed in collaboration with Eco Recycling led to aEU patent (EP1684369 A1), then in 2008 to the pilot demonstration cofounded by MIUR, and finally to the construction at SEVal site of a plant 4000 ton/y.

Research activities continued with the development of a process for the simultaneous hydrometallurgical treatment of different kinds of batteries (Li-ion, NiMeH andLi(0)) which was patented (EP2450991 A1).
The activities concerning Li-ion batteries also included the development of a process for recovering Co salts performed at pilot scale within the HYDROWEEE and HYDROWEEE DEMO projects. The group also developed at lab scale a process for the integral recycling by hydrometallurgical route of Li primary batteries which is now in course of demonstration at pilot scale (LifeLIBAT project with Eco Recycling and SEVal).

The researcher group also developed a process for the recycling of PV panels during PHOTOLIFE project.
Main Projects in field of the proposal: LIBAT (LIFE16ENV/IT/000389) Recycling of primary LIthium BATtery by mechanical and hydrometallurgical operations(2017-2020); PHOTOLIFE (LIFE13ENV/IT/001033) Process and automated pilot plant for recycling of different kinds of photovoltaic panels (2014-2017); HYDROWEEE Innovative Hydrometallurgical Processes to recover Metals from WEEE including lamps and batteries, FP7 Program (2009-2012); HYDROWEEE DEMO Innovative Hydrometallurgical Processes to recover Metals from WEEE including lamps and batteries-Demonstration)FP7 Program (2012-2016)