S.E.VAL. (Società Elettrica valtellinese)

S.E.VAL. Srl, Società Elettrica Valtellinese, is a company active since 1987. Born in the field of electrical construction, today it includes four specific sectors:

1 research: analysis and studies in energy and environmental sectors

2 engineering: design of ecological plants for the treatment of WEEE

3 production: construction of power lines

4 ecology: collection and recovery of refrigerators, WEEE, batteries and accumulators

The ecological division of S.E.VAL. was born in 1999 with the start of a new transport and recovery activity forbulky solid waste such as refrigerators, TVs, end-of-life electrical appliances and the opening of a new treatment centre in Piantedo (so). The specific objective of the S.E.VAL.  ecological lines is to operate in the sector of disposal, treatment and recovery of waste of goods. It has a Life project "Life LIBAT" with Eco Recycling and Uniroma and is carrying out an experimental campaign on a prototype built ad hoc in his industrial area (Colico) for the treatment of primary lithium batteries and recovery of lithium and manganese.

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